Our Blondies

You don’t come across desserts such as ours often. Our chewy and moist blondies made at hot blondies bakery are simply delectable. Packed with walnuts and crispy chocolate chips, they add that much needed crunchy savory taste. Think of it as a heavenly gift in every box. Here’s an exclusive look at the list of our blondies selection:

Classic (With chocolate chips and nuts and without) – Simple extra and adaptable is what makes these ‘classic’ blondies have that deep taste. Despite being easy to make, we make sure the ingredients that go to each batch are carefully selected. After all, what makes classic blondies classic if not the simplicity?

Butterscotch white chocolate chip – Made with the right ingredients to make them extra chewy. Perfected recipes to make each batch irresistible every time. An insight at the dough used to make the butterscotch white chocolate chip; not too sweet and the pastries come out plump and chewy.

Oatmeal raisins – Loaded with raisins and oatmeal, these our oatmeal raisins blondies are super thick and soft. A stand-by snack that the whole family will like. An exclusive tip; the secret is in soaking the raisins.

Peanut butter chocolate chunk – Rather than enjoying small morsels of chocolate, why not use large chunks of chocolate? If you enjoy a chocolate and peanut combo as much as the next guy, then this is the blondie for you. The right amount of roasted peanut takes the crunchiness in these blondies to the next level.