Our Brunettes

We believe customers should be able to enjoy every meal of the day without constantly worrying about the need to make amends for the food they have eaten by going to the gym. We, therefore, make bakery products you can trust. Through some innovation and ingenuity, we have managed to stand out from the rest. Our products are driven with the excitement of serving our customers to our level best. Go ahead and explore some of the brunette bakery products we offer.

Classic brunettes – Perhaps the most coveted among the brunette pastries are the classics. With the right ingredients and still delivering that dose of caloric regulation, you might as well put them on your bucket list.

S’mores – Never have their existed s’mores tastier such as these.

Nutella hazelnut – That sinfully delicious spread of chocolate and hazelnut has been there for a long time and does not seem to be growing less popular. One of the greatest inventions of the last centuries. A bold claim but you have to admit, the taste is irresistible.

Espresso white chocolate chips – Great with a cold milk or a cup of coffee, these brunette pastries add the right touch of contemporary to the equation. A simple chocolate chip cookie recipe coupled with white chocolate, the taste is out of this world. Since the white chocolate is too sweet, we add the right touch of ground espresso beans to counter the sweetness. The result is nothing short of fabulous yet sophisticated.