How to Plan Perfect Late Night Snack Wedding Menu

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We’ve all been there, the hunger pangs start getting to you after hours of having fun, dancing, and drinking. Only then do you realize you missed the desserts and the last piece of cake has just been eaten. The thought of having a fast-food run is interrupted by waiters carrying bite size delectable snacks trays. Nothing beats the feeling your guests get when you surprise them with a late snack. Here are some tips to keep things smooth:

  • Serve something savory or sweet or a little of each.

Blending the two can be elusive so here’s a tip. You can start out by serving a savory snack then conclude the late night snack session with a sweet snack. You can start with the sweet snack and conclude with savory snacks, either way, make sure the snacks are well distributed.

  • Be careful about the timing

You don’t want to bring snacks too late or too early. Bring them out too early and you will end up with more left over than you can handle. Bring them out too early and you will end up with little to no guest to enjoy your snacks.

  • Order enough food

Right off the bat, it’s hard to predict the number of snacks that will be enough for your guest. Therefore, the safest bet is to have a backup in case the numbers exceed. For emergencies, you can order fast food and resize them to become midnight snacks.

  • Keep the snacks bite-sized

Try making each snack mini, not too large that it seems like hors d’ oeuvres or appetizers. As a guideline, use go for snacks that are satisfying and at the same time do not require any utensils. There are no set rules on the snack you should go for, improvise or use some of the snacks suggested below.

Here are some ideas, milkshakes, milk and cookies, donuts, popsicles, churros, and s’mores. For savory snacks, corn dogs, hot dogs, mini takeout, nachos, cheese, fries and sliders, Chinese noodles, or mini grilled sandwiches will suffice.